Wallpaper Engine Update Build 1.0.602 Download

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Wallpaper Engine Update Build 1.0.602 Download

Dipostingan ini admin akan membagikan Wallpaper Engine versi terbaru setelah Wallpaper Engine versi 1.0.562 yaitu Wallpaper Engine versi 1.0.602

Game Details:
Title: Wallpaper Engine
Genre: Animation & Modeling, Design & Illustration, Utilities, Early Access
Developer: Kristjan Skutta
Publisher: Kristjan Skutta
Release Date: 11 Oct, 2016
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/431960/
Release Name: Wallpaper Engine
Game Version: Update Build 1.0.602 (25.02.2017)
Size: 126 MB

Wallpaper Engine enables you to use live wallpapers on your Windows desktop. Various types of wallpaper are supported, including 3D and 2D animations, websites, videos and even certain applications. Choose an existing wallpaper or create your own and share it on Steam Workshop!


  • Bring your desktop alive with realtime graphics, videos, applications or websites.
  • Personalize your wallpapers with your favorite colors.
  • Use interactive wallpapers that can be controlled with your mouse.
  • Support for many aspect ratios and native resolutions including 16:9, 21:9, 16:10, 4:3.
  • Support for multi monitor environments.
  • Wallpapers will pause while playing games.
  • Create your own wallpapers with the Wallpaper Editor.
  • Use the Steam Workshop to share your wallpapers.
  • Wallpaper Engine can be used in parallel to any other Steam game or application.
  • Supported video formats: mp4, WebM (Workshop); mp4, WebM, avi, m4v, mov, wmv (local files).

Wallpaper Engine aims to deliver an entertaining experience while using as few system resources as possible. To not distract or hinder you while playing a game or working, you can choose to automatically pause or completely stop the wallpaper while using another application or playing fullscreen (including borderless windowed mode). Various options to tweak quality and performance exist to make Wallpaper Engine suit your needs. As a general rule of thumb, 3D, 2D and video based wallpapers will perform best, while websites and applications will require more resources from your system. Having a dedicated GPU is highly recommended, but not required.

The Steam Workshop integration will allow you to share your own wallpapers with the Steam community. Using the Wallpaper Editor, you can create 3D and 2D wallpapers by importing pictures or 3D models and textures. Video, web and application wallpapers are created by simply importing your files into the editor and pushing them to Workshop as a wallpaper. All wallpapers on Workshop are ready-to-use and can either be distributed for free or a price of your choice.


Full changelog

  • New Visual Studio 2013 runtimes.
  • Added more information and cancel button to update & verify dialog.
  • Added tags for video resolutions.
  • Added solutions for known crashes caused by drivers or third-party apps (Intel GPU drivers out of date, Precision X and RivaTuner hooks).
  • Added option to disable video hardware acceleration.
  • Added video alignment option for cover and center.
  • Added process priority option.
  • Added detection for RDP session state changes to destroy/restart wallpapers automatically.
  • Added a work-around for video playlists on Windows 7 to reduce flashing or the static wallpaper from showing up when switching between videos.

  • Fixed playlist permanently disappearing when unsubbing a wallpaper and other scenarios.
  • Fixed double quotes in URL breaking the config.json.
  • Fixed launcher process not creating mini dump files.
  • Fixed focus issues of the transition effect and all wallpapers (except web...).
  • Fixed WebM videos getting frozen when they threw a media error.
  • Fixed Steamworks injection causing Wallpaper Engine to be detected by Steam after an update (does not apply to this patch yet).

Other Changes
  • Updated CEF to version 3.2924.1571.gcdcdfa9.

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